Field Trip

January 18–March 29, 2019

From January 18th to March 29th 2019, BNAG will transform the Functional Art Gallery into an open field.

For their first solo exhibition, the duo invites you to take an appeasing walk through nature, accompanied by the smell of fresh damp earth and soft polished wood. Mapped in the style of an adventure trail, the design meadow leads you from the bright babbling of water to the deep humming of echoing caves. Meditation parks, acoustic walks and hiking tracks have always been a source of inspiration for the duo’s design practice.
BNAG’s field trip creates short escapes designed to break the humdrum of daily routine – an invitation to gambol through your inner fields. A chair that makes you stand up, a carpet disguised as a reflecting puddle, a spoon for eating with your fingers: the designers’ creations all conceal a playful surprise. Going on a field trip is an opportunity for BNAG to assemble in one venue several pieces which have never been shown together before. Each piece is a project with its own story to tell, and BNAG creates a symbiosis between a visit to a gallery and a long rambling walk, where you encounter animal “bbarks”, deep reflecting ponds and crackling campfires. The goal is to relax, tickle your sensorial perception, try out new things, reboot your habits and activate your senses.