December 4–9, 2018

Théophile Blandet

Functional Art is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in America of the young French designer Théophile Blandet for the gallery’s first participation in Design Miami/. 

Blandet’s “Future Artefacts” will transform the space, pulling the visitor into an immersive environment of a dystopian reality where in the near future everyday materials become rare, unavailable and illegal.

Blandet’s work revolves around his interest in materials that will not be able to exist in the future. In this case, he is using plastic. Plastic is celebrated as the miracle of modern manufacturing however, due to its environmental impact, Blandet believes that we will shortly ban its production entirely. 

Blandet uses primitive tools to shape his materials. He breaks, burns, chops, and melts the plastics to create future anachronisms. Each design complements the other while highlighting all the possibilities of his materials. The plastics he uses have different textures and colors. They seem as existing in another time.

His works celebrate the future rarity of plastic and doing so, subverting the current value of the material. Gathering a variety of industrial plastic, he gives it a second chance and presents plastic as the new ivory, a future forbidden matter, and an endangered resource.