March 13–17, 2019


Functional Art Gallery at Collectible 2019 presents “The Study Room”

On the occasion of Functional Art Gallery’s first participation in the Collectible Design Fair in Brussels, Benoit Wolfrom and Javier Peres are proud to present “The Study Room”. 

The Study Room brings together contemporary design with art and related objects and books anchored around new works from OrtaMiklos’ Iceberg series previously exhibited at the Museo Marino Marini in Florence. Our presentation includes a desk, bench, bookcase and a chair along with contemporary artworks by Andy Warhol, Alex Israel, David Ostrowski and Donna Huanca and an important crocodile mask by an unknown Dogon artist last exhibited at Paris’ Musee du Quai Branly. 

Carried by the conviction that all artistic expressions are linked by an invisible thread, Functional Art Gallery presents its version of a study room as a “Gesamtkunstwerk” where each of the presented disciplines interacts with each other, where the visitor is invited to reflect on the dynamic and synergy between all forms of Art.

Design by OrtaMiklos

Art by Donna Huanca, Alex Israel, David Ostrowski, Andy Warhol and Unknown Dogon Artist