Bagnols Garden

April 26–June 21, 2019

Functional Art Gallery is pleased to presents OrtaMiklos’ first solo exhibition in Europe: ‘Bagnols Gardens’

‘Bagnols Garden’ explores a fictive setting about the environment, after the current residential and commercial developments of our urban existence have digressed into a dark dream. Drawing on the effects of the illegal sand mining crisis that is destroying natural habitats and ecosystems, designers OrtaMiklos have envisioned an imaginary speculation depicting a series of furniture pieces that encapsulate the victims of this destruction. Set in a surreal cityscape, the furniture pieces are paired with a performance that depicts the human relationship with the care of species past, as the phantasmic Adam and Eve tend to the fossils of the ecosystems that they have destroyed. Each furniture piece is informed by a species of plant or animal that are deemed on the brink of extinction. Drawing on the natural beauty and mourning the loss of diversity, OrtaMiklos layer the symbolism of the Garden of Eden as a reminiscent origin of life as well as a stage for reflection on our current relationship with the Earth. A reality of human ignorance and greed is unveiled as the selection of marvelous extinct species are scattered amongst the apathetic cityscapes that led to their demise. A sad reminiscence is communicated through the realization that what once was a utopian haven for Adam and Eve has now become a melancholy landscape of their own creation and destruction. No longer can humanity enjoy the carefree beauty of their environments, but rather their role has become the caretaker of that what once was.